mercoledì 26 dicembre 2012


I have had some problems with posting for a few weeks so I am now happy to be back. Just a couple of photos to show you.....2 Tilda dolls I made for two friends for xmas.......a cross stitch picture ......and a stencil I made for myself.
Ho avuto un po di problemi con il computer durante queste settimane adesso sono di nuovo con voi....Un paio di foto .......2 bambole Tilda per due amiche per natale.....un ricamo e uno stencil .

martedì 6 novembre 2012


Yet again I have made some more of these little bootees.....only this year adding a little black which I think stands out very good with the red.
Ancora quest'anno ho cucito questi stivaletti .....penso che un po di nero sta molto bene con il rosso.

sabato 27 ottobre 2012


My latest addition to the house is this lovely miniature mannequin. She arrived safely all the way from England, bought on my recent trip. It was just one of those things that you automatically fall in love with. To tell the truth I saw it over a year ago and always dreamt of having now she stands in my bedroom.
Questo è stato comprato nel mio ultimo viaggio in Inghilterra....un mannequino in miniatura......L'avevo visto gia un anno fa e sognavo di comprarlo.....adesso sta meravigliosamente in camera mia......bellissimo. 

martedì 9 ottobre 2012


Maybe it's a little bit early to talk about Christmas but I wanted to show you how cute this little design is.It took a very short time to sew and I think she is lovely. The design comes from a lovely american blog .     Then click on The dandy hare-blog at the top of the page then click DEC 2011 here you will find this little design. Hope you like it.
Forse e un po presto di parlare di Natale ma volevo offrire tutti la possibilita di ricamare uno. Il disegno e un "free" trovato al Blog indicato qui sopra. Una volta trovato click The dandyhare-blog segnato sulla pagina---poi click DEC2011............E un semlice disegno che ho ricamato in poco tempo......

domenica 7 ottobre 2012


 Home Sweet Home....must be one of the most popular phrases used in cross stitch designs....I liked this one so much that I made a few....Simple and quick to make.
Casa Dolce'essere la frase piu ricamato fra noi ricamatrice.....Mi piaceva tanto questo disegno .Semplice e veramente veloce da ricamare.

domenica 30 settembre 2012


A shoppers paradise....yesterday I went to see the annual craft fair "Manualmente" here in Turin and I just couldn't resist to buy a few things. As usual there were many lovely things to buy....too many. I  had gone there with a shopping list of things I needed but I was a bit distracted with so many new ideas that I didn't manage to buy all that was on my list.
Ieri sono andata a fare un giro a "Manualmente" qui a Torino.Come sempre c'era tantissimi cose belle....troppe .Avevo scritto una lista di cose che avevo alla fine ero distratto dalle novita che non ho potuto comprare quello che avevo bisogno. 

This is what first caught my eye. An image already printed on material ready to peel off and stick on.I had heard of this idea before on blogland....... usually I print images on to transfer paper then iron that on to material but this seems easier. I also bought 2 sheets of material A4 ready to have a go myself  using the printer.
Per prima ho visto questo bel imagine gia stampato sulla stoffa bianca pronto da applicare ...Sembra una novita anche se ho gia sentito parlare fra i nostri Blog......L'imagine e stampata su un foglio di stoffa.non e neccessario stirare  l'imagine  ......toglie la pellicola dietro e via......
 I bought this lovely tea towel already cross stitched ...a bargain at the price.....
Ho comprato questo stroffinacio gia ricamato in stile francese comè piace a me
 As usual I found some pieces of material that I needed.
Ho comprato ancora delle stoffe.....

 So glad I found these little charms ...exactly what I needed....
Piccoli charms per un progetto che avevo gia in mente......
I treated myself to this stencil ....will be ideal for using on cushions.....boxes....or maybe even to use on walls.
Uno stencil che sara molto utile per scrivere su tessuti ...scatole...muri. 
I f only I could go back again Today wouldn't that be great......oh well...I shall look forward to the next one.
Se potevo tornare di nuovo oggi sara magnifico....aspettero la prossima.

sabato 22 settembre 2012


I have always wanted to make this little bag ever since I saw it in a book by Sylvie Castellano " LINGE ANCIEN" .....I love that little postcard...its just so cute...who couldn't resist..... Now let me see what I can put inside.

mercoledì 29 agosto 2012


 My latest Tilda Angel. Inspired by Jane Austen dress from Sew Sunny homestyle book by Tone Finnanger.
I chose to use these beige and white colours so I could hang her in my bedroom where she fits in nicely with the colour scheme.
The dress is made out of an old linen tea towel.....and this time I used blonde hair....I had to order the hair on line from Pandurohobby  whilst I was in England.......I find that the original hair made by them is the best sort to use....with one pack I can do about 3 dolls.....
She is really long ....difficult to get a real close up.....
And here she hangs so pretty......

domenica 1 luglio 2012


 Finally the cupboard has been painted. It was difficult to decide on the colour but in the end I decided to keep it neutral and opted for Farrow and Ball ...colour Clunch.....I did two coats on the outside and just one on the inside. 
Un altro lavoro portato al termine .Il colore è di Farrow and Ball....colore Clunch.

This is how it was when I bought it.......It was likeable enough to leave it without painting....but
Il mobile era anche bellissimo cosi...senza 
A littlelook inside at some of my things......
Dentro il mobile.....qualche cosine carini.... 

An old Royal Doulton tureen lid....unfortunately the base broke a long time ago.
Un vecchio coperchio di Royal Doulton....
 A lovely glass/gold bowl , a cup/saucer called "Chicco" from Villeroy&Boch,old prayer book, tiny coffee set in gold, my cross stitch patchwork.....

Favourite books.......the covers are so attractive....
Libri preferiti.....le copertine sono molto adorabile.....

 Old bowls on top ...I have four almost identical.......
Vecchie ho quattro uguale....
Little shoes and a couple of rabbits...which are also favourites of mine.
Piccole scarpine e conigli....sono anche collezionati da me...