domenica 3 aprile 2011


Seems like the primulas have seen the last of their beauty . Maybe it's the lack of water, or over watering ,I can't really tell, except that they are not as bright as usual. . So it seems like it's time for a new burst of colour. A couple of geraniums, vivid pink to brighten up my balcony and also 2 plants given to me and my daughter as presents....thankyou Pina.. It's nice to see a bit of colour. How I envy you all out there with gardens, following fellow bloggers and seeing your beautiful plants, seems to have rubbed off on me . Slowly slowly I am trying to create a little corner of my own. I even have a rosemary wee .... Anyway back to basics...cross stitching. This is my first easter egg, a Mr and Mrs bunny rabbit. I suppose they resemble chocolate bunnies. These will certainly last longer than the chocolate ones.

Sembra che le primule hanno perso la loro bellezza. Può darsi che gli mancano acqua o ne ho dato troppo,non posso dire per essatezza,ma certamente non sono più vivace come prima. Adesso é ora di cambiamenti, ci vuole un paio di gerani, rosa vivace, per illuminare il mio balcone e aggiungo a queste altre due piante, entrambi regali, molto graditi,grazie Pina. Cosi mi piace- un tocco di colore. Sono invidiosa di tutti voi con i propri giardini.Spesso seguo i vostri blog e pensando bene, e proprio a causa vostra che adesso ho di nuovo questa voglia di avere ancora un angolino verde.Ho anche una pianta di rosmarino....chi lo ha mai pensato.....Comunque tornando a base...punto croce.....Questo é il mio primo uovo di pasqua,Sig e Signora Coniglietti....sembrano coniglietti di choccolato.Certamente durerano molto di piu di quelli fatto di choccolato....

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  1. Love those little bunnies!

  2. Eh ci credo proprio! Anche a casa mia durerebbero più di quelli di cioccolato!
    Have a great sunday!

  3. ciao Alison complimenti molto carino, belli i colori e l'ambientazione floreale, baci rosa a presto buona serata.)

  4. I love the little bunny and egg, not to mention all the flowers!

  5. Alison, i love the little bunnies, they're so sweet!
    Your flowers are still looking great, better than my primulas in pots which are damping off and rotting a bit - the ones in the ground are fine.
    The geraniums will be beuatiful and last for months.
    For years I lived in flats in London so I know what its like not to have any garden - we never had a balcony even.
    So I do enjoy my garden now.
    Rosemary is a lovely plant for a balcony, and with your flowers it will look lovely.
    The braid I got from an etsy shop called roxycreations - came posted from Italy but not sure if they are italian - must check.
    We are both setting up our blog shops at the same time!!!!! I have to get my head round the paypal thing as I'm ready to start posting a few things but dont know the mechanics of how people would pay if they wanted to buy! What sort of things will you sell - your great vintage finds?
    Good luck!! I cant decide how i want mine to look - i keep changing it!
    Gill x

  6. Evening Alison, love the memory board, I am always envious of creative people as I am useless. Thank you for the email. I worked and went to college in Birmingham in the late 60's!!Worked and trained as a Nursery Nurse at Father Hudson's, Coleshill.

    Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  7. Hi Alison!
    Many Thanks for your birthday wishes for my daughter - i will pass them on!
    We named Bella "Isabella Sophie" after my grandmother who was called Isabella, (and because (ssh!!!! secret here) she was conceived on a very romantic holiday at Limone on Lake Garda!!!!! )
    Your shop is looking good! I like what you have in it - Congratulations!!!Will you post to the UK do you think?
    Gill x
    Gill xx