domenica 22 maggio 2011


 At last a bit of organisation aroundthe place.
 Before it was looking a bit messy
Bits of ribbon and lace just thrown in .One big jumble
 I always knew that these empty tubes(left over from cling film or foil rolls) would come in use.I just stuck some padding (this was also saved from the supermarket :used in packing the grapes in boxes) around the tube then sewed a cover (a little bit larger than the tube) turned it out the right way ,then forced the tube inside(any left over material just gets inserted into the tube which can be glued into place. Lastly add a length of ribbon or string by which to hang it.You can add as many tubes as you like.I did mine with three but need to make a couple of others.

Also I have added a couple of jars .Better to make use of these instead of throwing them away.I think we all have ideas for objects  that usually get thrown out and we feel pleased with ourselves making something wh
ich virtually costs hardly nothing, just time
Volevo soltanto mettere un po di ordine .Tutti questi nastri ....sempre disordine.Finalmente ho realizzato  con i vecchi tubi di carta(dalla pellicola o carta forno) immbottitura(salvato dalle confezione nelle scatole d'uva dal supermercato) colla , stoffa per coprire e spago.
Ho fatto tre ma ho bisogno di fare delle altri, almeno adesso i nastri sono molto piu facile da trovare.E ancora ho aggiunto un paio di vasseti.Penso che con un po di volonta possiamo tutti fare un po di riciclo con oggetti normalmente buttati .

7 commenti:

  1. Great ideas - using up things we would normally throw out is brilliant!

  2. How cool is that, what a great idea!

  3. Love how you've displayed your ribbons. Ingenius idea.

  4. Che bell'idea il tubi per i nastri! Dovrei fare un pò di ordine anch'io nei miei cassetti, mi hai dato un'ottima idea!

  5. What a brilliant idea Alison, using the cardboard tubes for storing ribbon reels - i must try that!
    The jars look lovely with your customised embroidered covers.
    By the way, love your new look blog and header - so pretty!
    Thanks for your comments - i have always love the shabby chic country look in or out of fashion, and those old curtains i use on and off as they are so pretty!
    Gill x