lunedì 7 maggio 2012


Back to red again.Funny how we can't seems to be the all time favourite.
Anche se ho deciso di stare lontano dal rosso.....non potevo resistere.....sara sempre la piu bella......

8 commenti:

  1. It is lovely - red and white always looks so pretty!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. I love stitching with red too! Your lace and ribbon and button are such nice embellishments!

  3. Beautiful, just so sweet and I also love the red threads.

  4. very pretty in red with the white lace :)

  5. Los bordados en rojo quedan muy bonitos.

  6. Lovely! I just love the simplicity of red and white, always looks good.
    Am having a Jubilee Giveaway on my blog Alison, do pop over and enter!
    Gill xx

  7. It looks like we're both unable to resist red and white at the moment! Your embroidery is lovely - I made linen napkins for my Parents in Law for Christmas, with similar initials embroidered on them - I decided you need young eyes (unlike mine!) to embroider on linen...

    Thanks for your comment. I am having an evening in - I think the shock has finally hit me and it's nice to do nothing for a bit. Like you, I'm stunned that I found that lovely checked fabric. Although it's very French, it's also very desirable and hard to get hold of. I gloat about it a lot.

  8. ROJO!
    simply and wonderful,

    hugs from Spain
    eljardindemiduende ^^